Confident Cryers Club (Part One)

I guess one of the reasons people have told me over the years that my songs are really sad could be because of something like this: 

I’m on the floor looking for parts/ of my old scattered heart/ but I don't think it is any use

The pieces all ran after you/ and I can't follow too/ ‘cause someone’s been hiding my shoes

Or how about:

After all the drinking and talking is done/ someone’s bound to feel lonely left by someone 

(These are both examples from my album Compass, Dresses, Lover; Gone which you can find on your favorite streaming platform.)

And so many other of my songs have a similar sentiment. 

In fact, someone listened to my album for the first time recently and his feedback was: 

“There is a lot of pain in these songs”. 

My spontaneous response was: “Well, I was so young back then”. 

But the truth is that it has nothing to do with that. Last year I wrote my first song in German (very proud about that btw) and it was, if possible, sadder than all my previous songs combined!

In conclusion, I write sad songs. Of course I have managed to write one or two more amusing songs in between but they are exceptions. 

So I’ve decided to embrace that my reason to be in this world is to make you cry!

But cry in a good way of course! Cuz crying CAN be really healthy and beneficial to you! A quick google search like “Benefits from crying” will give you ounces of articles informing you why it’s really good for you to listen to my music:-D 

And because I don't need to tell people anything they can look up themselves I’ve created a guide with even more benefits you won't find anywhere else on the web - granted, I did take the pi** a little bit because …well I’m not a doctor, psychologist or anything like that, so I came up with my layman's reasons for why crying is good for you. And they might even make you laugh!

Wow, there’s a paradox for ya!

Which segues me into the next part of this: 

I claim to write songs that make you cry but I actually just want you to get in touch with your emotions. Both the sad ones, the happy ones and all the other ones in between. 

And that is why I’ve created the Confident Cryers Club which I will tell you more about in part 2 - so stay tuned…


I’ve created a playlist of songs that make you cry

Grab your free Cryer’s Guide here

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