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A trip into the dark waters of the sea 🌊

I have always been drawn to the sea. All the mysteries it contains. The darkness and the beauty. It is both haunting, scary, soothing and so many other things all at once. 

I’m sure I used to be a mermaid,…

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Confident Cryers Club (Part Two)

Ok, first of all a quick disclaimer about the spelling; I'm aware that the more common one is crier - but I just like it better with a ‘y’.

There. Enough about that. 

So what is a Confident Cryer?


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Confident Cryers Club (Part One)

I guess one of the reasons people have told me over the years that my songs are really sad could be because of something like this: 

I’m on the floor looking for parts/ of my old scattered heart/ but I

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Kvindernes internationale kampdag 2023

Dagens indlæg tager afsæt i en tale jeg holdt til kvindernes internationale kampdag d. 8. Marts 2023. Dette er en lidt udvidet udgave, da talen kun måtte vare i 5 minutter;) 


Temaet er: Myten om meritokratiet


Og hvad er så…

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A song a day keeps the ...something away (huh?) 🍎 🤪

Hello and welcome to my blog!  

Today’s topic is songwriting.  

Back when I studied music, I was a pretty productive songwriter. Few people know this, but I actually have a bachelor's degree in songwriting.  

And for my bachelor’s thesis I…

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