Hi I’m Agnethe 👋 

I write songs that make you cry! 😿 

And maybe also laugh and reflect and a bunch of other things. 🤓 

Did you know, that crying can: 

Improve your sleep? 😴 
Relieve stress and tension? 😅 
Boost your immune system? 🤒 
Strengthen your relationships? 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 
Enhance your emotional awareness? 😲 
And of course cleanse and moisten your eyes if they are dry, irritated or even infected? 

If you're in need of any of this, you've come to the right place.  

My music has helped many people over the years get their cryin’ on 

= improve all of the above 😄 

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Full bio

Ever since she was a child Agnethe loved singing. And writing songs. She started playing piano at age six and since learned all the fundamentals; reading music, music theory etc. Agnethe sang her first solo part in the third grade, and has loved singing for people ever since. While in school she pursued as many musical opportunities as possible, and later went on to study singing and songwriting at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark. 

After earning a bachelor’s degree she moved to Berlin to delve deeper into the art of writing songs. Which she did for a good while - and then lost track. No, switched tracks. 

Long story short, she decided to move away from music and explore other paths. One of them lead her to both the University of Copenhagen and the one in Tübingen (in Southern Germany) where she studied German, and minored in Philosophy, Literature and Gender Studies. 

And it wasn’t until she wrapped up her bachelor thesis about the dadaist literature as a hermeneutic challenge (!), she decided to release her album “Compass, Dresses, Lover; Gone” in 2013. She then moved back to Berlin initially to tread the finicky path of the independant musician - but somehow got distracted again.

(A longer story including even more German Studies, Improv Comedy and the East German Secret Police amongst other things, which you’ll definitely hear more about if you sign up via the button below). 

Flash forward to 2020, she’s back in Denmark, living in a tiny wooden house by the sea and the whole world is in lockdown. And this is where she decides, that she’s strayed long enough. It’s time to get back to where and what she came from. To quote the artist herself: “It is time to reclaim my identity as a musician. For realsies”. 

So if you want to get to know her better and are interested in following her progress, other shenanigans and whatnot, click the button below and get a free download in addition. 

You can also browse this page, listen to some of her older music and maybe even explore some of the other projects she’s involved in: 

“Skyggefugl” is a duo-project launched in late 2019 by Agnethe and her old friend and awesome musician Peter Clausen. 

“Taxapodcast” is a podcast about the Danish nineties tv-show “Taxa” in which Agnethe and her co-host Helene Hellesøe Appel discuss each episode in great detail, and Agnethe writes a song to recap each episode (in Danish).