Are you enjoying "The Sea"? Why not add a cup or a tote bag to the experience?

Hi I’m Agnethe 👋 

I write songs that make you cry! 💧

Did you know that crying is really good for you and your emotional health?

Here are just some of the benefits from crying a lot: 

- Lubricates the eyes - no infections there! 👀

- Gives you that sexy puffy eyed look 😵

- Makes you appreciate how pretty you are when you're NOT crying 🎀

- Totally good for manipulating people into feeling sorry for you 😈

- Gives you that sexy black mascara smudge under the eyes 🔥

- A good loud sob at the movies makes other people just LOVE you ❤️

- Really good for scaring away emotionally stunted people 😱

 (Get even more benefits here).

If you're in need of any of this, you've come to the right place.  

My music has helped many people over the years get their cryin’ on! 

Feel free to browse my website for more info on me (that awkward 3rd person bio written by myself 😅), listen to my music, read my blog and check out what else I’m up to