Original Music · Original lyrics · Your original Story!

Giving a custom song to someone you love is a once-in-a-lifetime gift that literally moves people to tears. And if you have a mission driven business, having your own song will take your marketing and branding to a whole new level!

Listen to some examples of songs here👇

“Home to Me” 

Occasion: Just because

“If You Are Lost” 


Very professional. I am very happy I chose Agnethe when I needed a song for my wedding. She quickly understood what kind of song I wanted and was extremely good at turning my notes into lyrics. I’m a very happy customer and can warmly recommend others to hire Agnethe” - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

— Nicoline W.

Brand awareness · Emotional Impact

A custom song is a unique original song written specifically for a person, event or business of your choosing. If you are a business owner you get the opportunity to make aware of your brand in a special way, you get to decide what the song should be about and which emotions you want to evoke through the music, which stories should be included, which other songs you'd like the song to sound like etc. My job is to accommodate all your wishes and turn YOUR unique story into something you could never have imagined.

Listen to some more examples here 👇

What is a custom song?

A custom song is a unique original song written specifically for a person, event or business of your choosing.

How is a custom song created?

There are several steps within the creation process of your custom song. First I will need to know exactly what the purpose of the song is. Is it a gift to a loved one? Is it for your company to strengthen its brand? Are you an influencer looking for a theme song? Next I will need the notes, ideas, stories and so on that you would like to have included in your song and if you have a favorite song or genre you would like the song to be inspired by. I will then write the song based on your notes and wishes and after you've approved it, I will create a professional recording of the song for you to share with family and friends or on your website, social media or wherever you please!You will get a more detailed description of the process as soon as you order your custom song.

Who is a custom song for?

A custom song is for anyone who wants to make an impact. Are you a business owner with a mission to move people or just looking to strengthen your brand? Or an influencer in need of your very own theme song? Or maybe you're just a person wanting to give someone you love the gift of a lifetime? Whether one of these is you or something completely different I am sure you can find the use of a custom song. Remember this is your way of expressing your unique perspective, feelings or mission through the medium that is most likely to move most people, namely music!

How can a custom song be used?

You can use your custom song however you like! You can use it to promote your business, for instance on social media and on your website. To strengthen your personal brand; if you are a speaker you can have it played when you go on stage. If it is a gift for a wedding you can have it played during the ceremony or the party - and there are so many other ways to use it!

What is the value of a Custom Song?

As it is a piece of art it is hard to attach a number to the value of a Custom Song. Not to mention how extremely valuable it can be for your business as it can help make aware of your brand in a positive way, help evoke certain emotions beneficial to your product and so much more. If you order the song as a gift for a loved one it goes without saying that this is priceless! That being said, I have some numbers for you. Your investment is as follows: Custom song + recording: USD 4000 Ad-ons: Engraved lyric plaque: USD 300 Live Performance: USD 750 Custom music video: USD 1000