A trip into the dark waters of the sea 🌊

I have always been drawn to the sea. All the mysteries it contains. The darkness and the beauty. It is both haunting, scary, soothing and so many other things all at once. 

I’m sure I used to be a mermaid, a fish or a sailor in a previous life (I actually sing about this in my song Sailor - but more about this at a later date 😀).

This Friday, May 26th, I’m releasing a single called “The Sea” and this will funnily enough be exactly 10 years after my first (and so far only) album was released. 

(Compass, Dresses, Lover; Gone was released May 26th 2023). 

This is pretty wild. 

For a long time I didn't think I was gonna release music in my own name again - at least not for a while. But around the turn of the year I felt this urge to reconsider this and give releasing my own music another go. And then I decided that 2023 is gonna be the year I release my second album. Which means more singles will follow soon, so stay tuned!

10 years is a long time and releasing music has changed a lot. Not to mention the way people consume music. Which brings up a lot of insecurities and begs a lot of questions, the most prominent ones being: Will anyone listen = press the play button? And if they do, will they keep listening for more than the 30 seconds that Spotify needs to count it as a stream?

Well, you can't learn to swim by standing on the shore, and you can't steer a boat that's not yet in the water - and all the other platitudes… 

So I’m just jumping into the deep end and hoping for the best!

I actually wrote “The Sea” during covid when I was a part of an online songwriting group with people from around the world. The assignment was to write a song inspired by a poem and someone gave me the poem Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold. This was such a fitting topic that the song just kinda spilled out of me. (I also lived close to the sea at the time, so inspiration was right there!). 

It is a song about the secrets of the sea, but it is also a song about the secrecy within ourselves and the secrets we keep from each other. And about how they can overwhelm and pull us further and further apart if we don't dive into the darkness and face them. 

The song is produced by an awesome LA-based producer called Amanda and if you are expecting the kind of jazzy-singer-songwriter type music from my first album, I’m afraid you'll be disappointed. This is a mellow dark poppy production (much like the sea itself) and it’s awesome so I encourage you to give it a try 😇.

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