Confident Cryers Club (Part Two)

Ok, first of all a quick disclaimer about the spelling; I'm aware that the more common one is crier - but I just like it better with a ‘y’.

There. Enough about that. 

So what is a Confident Cryer?

I’ve tried to sum it up:  

A CC is someone: 

  • Who knows that crying is healthy
  • Who cries unapologetically 
  • Who loves emotional music 
  • Who is or wants to get in touch with their emotions
  • Who is looking to get more grounded in the here and now

I think the most important thing to me is that a CC is someone who is confident about crying when it is needed. And in turn gets to enjoy all the other feelings as they occur because nothing is suppressed and blocking the access. 

And I want to be 100. percent. honest. with. you. 

This is something I’ve struggled with immensely myself. Not the crying, but feeling all the feels. But I’m practicing and I’m getting better at it, which is why I want to create a space for others to practice this too!

So why a club? 

Here is another summary:

My mission is: 

  • To create the opportunity for you to get more in touch with your emotions
  • To offer guidance on how to get more grounded in the here and now 
  • To offer a community where people can feel free and safe to share their emotions and stories 
  • To offer anyone who is interested greater access to me and everything I create
  • To offer a space where confident cryers can also have fun and laugh together 

And I want to acknowledge that this is also a way for you to support me with money so I can write even more songs that make you cry! :-) 

The doors to the Confident Cryers Club will open soon (but for a limited time) so keep an eye on my website and my social media for more information. 

I would love to have you in there! 


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