A song a day keeps the ...something away (huh?) 🍎 🤪

Hello and welcome to my blog!  

Today’s topic is songwriting.  

Back when I studied music, I was a pretty productive songwriter. Few people know this, but I actually have a bachelor's degree in songwriting.  

And for my bachelor’s thesis I decided to write about the art and technicalities of writing songs.  

To do that, I was gonna write a bunch of songs so I could reflect on the process in the final paper. 

So I decided to write - or at least start to write - a song every day for 5 weeks, and for every week there was a new topic. I don’t remember all of them, but I know one week I was supposed to write about other people than myself (!), another week I tried to write songs with a political topic and so on.  

What I found out all those years ago (can it be 15 years? Oh gosh…) is that if you set aside time to write every day, the muse will find you. Inspiration will strike!  

Now, will it always bring you your best work to date? No, most definitely not. But writing is in many ways like most other art forms, crafts, sports etc: The more you do it, the better you get.  

I think a lot of people have this misconception, that you can only write if you feel inspired to, and hey, inspiration is an awesome thing. But you can't build a career around waiting for inspiration to find you. So you have to have some other tools in your box - as they say (do they say that? 😅)  

Fast forward to now, and I’ve decided to repeat my little exercise from back then. This means that this whole month (which is February 2023) I’m gonna write a song a day.  

And share it with the world.  


The plan is to release an album later this year, and I need some songs to put on that album. 

So come March will I end up with 28 shiny new perfectly polished songs ready to release? Nope, not at all. But I will get back into the groove of writing every day thus letting the muse know that I’m here and I’m ready to receive.  

Ps. Just a small addition to the story about the thesis. One of my mentors was Denmark’s best and most famous (according to me) songwriter Steffen Brandt. And after having heard a couple of my songs he was like “I don’t think you should worry about that paper. You are going to be a songwriter”. Whuuuut? Thank you, my biggest idol!! 

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